This isn’t Chekhov innovated or re-invented, just slightly modernized, as in Malle’s film, with costumes (by Jocelyn Hublau Parker) that blur the early 20th and 21st century
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Uncle Vanya
by Anton Chekhov

Antaeus Theatre Company
directed by Robin Larsen

Lawrence Pressman, Linda Park, Rebekah Tripp, Anne Gee Byrd, Don R. McManus, Jeffrey Nordling, Morlan Higgins, Lynn Milgram, Paul Baird

Harry Groener, Rebecca Mozo, Shannon Lee Clair, Mimi Cozens, Arye Gross, Andrew Borba, Clay Wilcox, Dawn Didawick, John Allee

"I loved costume designer Jocelyn Hublau Parker’s contemporary yet timeless country wear..."
- Steven Stanley STAGEsceneLA