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The America Play
~ by Suzi Lori Parks
~ directed by Colin Taylor

I was so in awe of this playwright at this time that I researched her voraciously. Doing my research I learned that she had written part of the play while listening to Ricki Lee Jones’ “Tigers.” so I immediately went out and bought the CD (it was the 90′s – no i-tunes yet!) and did all my costume research while listening to it.

I was honoured with a Dora Mavor Moore Nomination for Oustanding Costume Design in the small theatre category.

The production stills were taken at a time when the norm was to do black and white as they were mainly used in newspapers. So I had to scan the b&w pictures and am sorry to say that they are contrasty and do very little to show the details of the pieces. Hope you still enjoy these (vintage) production stills!