Pursued by Happiness offered me another opportunity to work with the unstoppable Robin Larsen again. What a joy this show was! The evocative script gave me two interesting leads that had to each do 5 day changes with very little time to do so and two polar-opposite sets of parents to dress.

Pursued by Happiness was written by Keith Huff, directed by Robin Larsen, was produced at the Road Theatre by Michael Mckiddy and was executive produced by Sam Anderson and Taylor Gilbert.

The talented Craig Seibel's designed the magical set, Jeremy Pivnick did the beautiful lighting, David B. Marling crafted the infectious sound design that still has me singing Captain & Tennille and Styx and Ashley Slater did the super fun props.

A few excerpts from the reviews:

"Fortunately, director Robin Larsen's marvelous modernist staging and an accomplished cast drive the show, wedding enigmatic naturalism to satiric comment Designer Craig Siebels does a shrewd scenic job, with invaluable help from...Jocelyn Hublau's costumes that help us instantly identify much about the characters..."
--Backstage- Highly Recommended

...Family visits that give the design team a chance to show off (Craig Siebels' set, Adam Flemming's projection, and Jocelyn Hublau's costumes)
--LA Weekly- Highly Recommended

...Jocelyn Hublau’s costume designs aid immensely in defining the characters who wear them...

Robin Larsen's direction keeps the story moving over somewhat familiar dramatic territory, aided considerably by a team of production designers including Craig Siebel, Jocelyn Hublau and Ashley Slater.