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Four Places marked my intro to the Los Angeles Theatre scene. It felt so good doing theatre and costumes again after a few years of being in front of a computer screen all day long.

It had a very successful run and the production was one of the most lauded plays of the 2010 Los Angeles theatre season, winning the Ovation, the Los Angeles Drama Critic’s Circle Award and the Backstage Garland Award for Best Production. The actors won two LADCC Awards (Best Lead Performance, Best Ensemble), two Garlands (Performance, Ensemble), and three Ovation noms (two Best Lead Actress, Best Supporting Actress). Robin Larsen's directing was singled out with a Garland Award and an Ovation nomination.

Four Places was written by Joel Drake Johnson, was directed by Robin Larsen, was produced at Rogue Theatre Machine by John P Flynn and Matthew Elkins and starred Anne Gee Byrd, Roxanne Hart, Tim Bagley and Lisa Rothschiller.

Excerpts from reviews:
"...Rogue Machine's magnificent third-season opener sets a new artistic bar for the adventurous company."

" ...Every element of this show is finely crafted and worked to perfection. Easily one of the most refreshing, enjoyable, and all-around knockout productions you’ll find anywhere in LA.”
--World of Stage

I love seeing a play put together with this much talent and craft...Costumes, designed by Jocelyn Hublau were quite good...
--LA Theatre Review

Exquisitely simple, but meaningful scenic design by Mark Guirguis,lighting by Angeline SummersMarvel, sound by Veronica J.Lancaster and costumes by Jocelyn Hublau combine to make this real,fulfilling and frightening, all at thesame time.
--parkLabrea News